Get ready for the Men of Search Team Seven!


Colorado Crime Scene (Book One of the Men Of Search Team Seven)

An undercover agent falls for a beautiful target and could pay the ultimate price…

From his first glimpse of her, Luke Renfro can’t forget reporter Morgan Westfield…or anyone she came in contact with. The FBI agent’s photographic memory for faces—and instant attraction to Morgan—creates trouble for all of them as his team searches for a terrorist in Colorado. And to make matters worse, Luke suspects Morgan’s estranged brother may be the target they’re looking for. Falling for a criminal’s sister could jeopardize his career. And both their lives. Still, resisting the beautiful journalist is almost as impossible as forgetting a face. With the clock ticking, Luke must focus on his assignment in order to protect the innocent—and have any chance of seeing more of the woman he’s falling for.

On sale in Paperback May 24, 2016
Ebook available June 1, 2016 on all platforms.

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And watch for these new titles as the series continues:


Lawman on the Hunt (Book Two in the Men of Search Team Seven)

A lawman and a woman from his past must battle the Colorado wilderness if they’re to outwit a terrorist…

Shocked and angry to find his ex-fiancée hooked up with the domestic terrorist he’s after, Special Agent Travis Steadman rescues Leah Carlisle—and then arrests her as an accomplice. But Leah claims leaving him for the terrorist was not the betrayal it seemed. Fleeing into Colorado’s mountain wilderness with the ruthless gang in hot pursuit, Travis leads Leah on a grueling trek to safety. Their ordeal leaves him in awe of her strength and resourcefulness—and quickly sparks rekindled passion. Attraction aside, the sexy lawman knows he has to forget the past and put his trust in Leah. It might be the only way to bring down a killer.


Christmas Kidnapping (Book Three Men of Search Team Seven)

    When her son is kidnapped at Christmastime, a therapist must turn to an FBI agent for help—before it’s too late…

    Something is stopping Special Agent Jack Prescott from being his best. He’s run countless missions, but when one hits too close to home, he needs help that most men wouldn’t ask for. Andrea McNeil has counseled plenty of FBI professionals before, but no one has been harder to reach than Jack. She’s never been involved with one of her patients up close and personal, but when her son is abducted, she turns to Jack for help. Now they have to help each other to bring her son home and stay a step ahead of his kidnappers. Both of them need a breakthrough—and a miracle—if they’re going to bring Ian home for Christmas.

    On sale October 18, 2016
    Ebook available November 1, 2016


    PhD Protector (Book Four Men of Search Team Seven)

    On Sale November 22, 2016
    Ebook available December 1, 2016